Goze, Choeur_tactil_©Lionel_Marchetti
An evening in partnership between AMI and GMEM

featuring two concerts:

7:00 pm Goze, a blind ecosystem- GMEM Modulations - GMEM box office

9:00 pm Goat (JP ) - AMI "Jest" Festival - AMI box office

7:00 pm - GMEM Modulations

Goze, a blind ecosystem
Creation for voice and electronics
Followed by 16mm film. Goze Ghosts by Stefano Canapa

This new creation is rooted in a trip to Japan in May 2023.
Chœur tac-til, Lionel Marchetti (composer, improviser) and Stefano Canapa (filmmaker) travel through the towns and forests of the Kansai region.
They immerse themselves in sound ecosystems, examining them, gleaning sounds and organizing numerous sound and visual shoots between human cities, Buddhist or Shinto temples located at the bottom of valleys, mountain torrents, traditional cemeteries and other stone gardens. The choir, becoming nomadic, sings with each environment it crosses.
Chœur tac-til has imagined this journey in resonance with different vocal and musical practices in Japan. In particular, the story of the Goze, the itinerant, blind women musicians who roamed Japan from the Middle Ages until the 1990s.The Goze played the shamisen, and their partly improvised songs drew on the sounds around them (insects, wind, snowflakes on a branch...). Different repertoires coexisted: they spoke with the dead or reported social and political stories from one village to the next, in a sort of nomadic radio.
Today, a part of their singing, like so many other oral traditions, is on the verge of extinction.
The Goze were pioneers, fighting to set up a system of solidarity funds that protected them and enabled them to help each other.
They developed a powerful social tool, transforming their handicap.

Chœur tac-til & Lionel Marchetti
"We are nine voices, sighted and blind, who have been singing and exploring together for 11 years. Our practice consists of listening to and imitating sound ecosystems. We become the sounds of biotopes, machines, endangered species, human and non-human. Our songs blend ancestral and experimental vocal practices. We're the stumbling blocks of a memory populated by tunes, buried melodies that emerge and carry us away for hybridizations, mutations. In 2022, we are inviting Lionel Marchetti to play with us, to work on the space of sound in relation to his electronics, and to extend our songs - now tangled as if in a forest".
Natacha Muslera (vocalist, improviser, composer and producer) breathed life into Chœur tac-til in 2012. This creation marks the end of a ten-year research residency at GMEM. During these residencies, Natacha has developed compositional modes distanced from the visual field (haptic robot, blind score...), working with the choir and interweaving free improvisation.From January 2022, Lionel Marchetti and his electronic device will be invited to work on several residencies at the GMEM.
" At the edge, voice and electronics reflect, disturb and invert space - underwater waves, packs of breath, whistling feathers, digging a liquid forest. The electronics chisel away at the inaudible voices, infra-bass, ultra-high-pitched, the air splits open like so many shards of volcanic rock, outcropping sheets of ether that break with the organicity of the mouth sounds, rains of luettes"
Goze Ghosts ゴーズゴースト
Film-performance in 16 mm, black and white
For this creation Stefano Canapa projects and plays a few sequences from the film in the making. He intervenes live, manipulating the projector like a musical instrument. For the sound, Lionel Marchetti and Choeur tac-til have developed sound materials that interweave sounds, words and snippets of encounters collected in Japan. The sound is deliberately diffused through a mono loudspeaker.

Stefano Canapa
image and acting

Lionel Marchetti & Chœur tac-til
sound and composition    

9:00 pm - AMI 'Jest' Festival

Goat (JP)

Beware UFOs, these four Japanese (not Swedish, like their fellow band members) are making some of the most hallucinatory music around. Between trance and musique concrète, between minimalist tribal indus and noisy math-rock, there's a place to be: GOAT (Japan) has sat right on it.
Totally immersive concert-performances, close your eyes, there's nothing to see and everything to hear. A cross between Can and Acid Mother Temple, brothers of Nisennenmondai, GOAT is a true revelation!

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Goze, a blind ecosystem 
Natacha Muslera, Chœur tac-til & Lionel Marchetti
Tue. November 21, 2023 | 7:00 pm Friche la Belle de Mai (Petit Plateau)

Goze, a blind ecosystem


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Goat (JP)


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Natacha Muslera & Lionel Marchetti
in partnership with
Chœur tac-til

Stefano Canapa

Chœur tac-til
composed of
Alex Quérel
Chérifa Harzallah
Franck Omer
Mélodie Duchesne,
François Parra
MafaldaDa Camara
Angélique Huguenin
Natacha Muslera
Bruno Raby


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