Propagations : From May 3 to 14, 2023

Propagations is the festival of all creative music and all sound experiences. 

From written instrumental music to the most unexpected performances, all aesthetics are accompanied by original scenic forms, aiming to transmit the essence of the artistic proposal.

Familiar or unheard of instruments, immersive diffusion devices, sound transformation, artistic multidisciplinarity combine and combine to share with you the delicious surprise of creation...


Editorial by Christian Sebille, Director

The years go by and the GMEM adapts to the realities that question us. The premises at the Friche la Belle de Mai have transformed our perspectives. The evolution of the political context challenges our presuppositions and deeply questions the social function of creation.

In this context, we analyzed our operations and measured, thanks to the proximity with the public and the artists, the new stakes of the musical creation, from its production to the models of its transmission.

We have revised the modalities of dissemination by inventing new forms of presentation and relationships with listeners. Adapted performances, residency outings and informal meetings with the artists, conferences and project presentations to explain the process... each proposal seeks to anchor a more committed, sincere and intimate relationship between the artists and the public. 

The notion of user decompartmentalizes the status of the one and the other and agrees on the importance of the triangulation between the structure, the public and the artists.

This dynamic leads us to reduce the duration of the festival to favor a regular and permanent presence throughout the season, with our Modulations.

The Propagations festival becomes a denser moment that puts into play these new modalities of relationships, while maintaining our mission to offer everyone the experience of sound.

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