GMEM - Centre National de Création Musicale
at La Friche la Belle de Mai (Le Module)
41 Rue Jobin 13003 Marseille (pedestrians)
12 Rue François Simon 13003 Marseille (cars)

Mon. - Fri., 2-5 p.m.

04 96 20 60 10

> Jobin entrance (pedestrians)
From the main entrance (41, rue Jobin 13003), enter the Friche and turn left after the building.
Take the red interior staircase and go up to the 2nd floor (same level as the restaurant Les Grandes Tables) Manufacture 2.
Turn left on the interior street "rue rouge". Enter through the 2nd gate on the right, between Dernier Cri and Medialab.
Ring the intercom (on the left of the gate) at GMEM - studios.
Once through the gate, go straight ahead and then to the end on the right (black door) with the GMEM logo above.

> Simon entrance (parking lot)
Go past the parking lot and the Cartonnerie. Take the inner street "rue rouge", and pass in front of the restaurant Les Grandes Tables and the Grand Plateau, continue straight ahead.
Enter through the 2nd gate on the right (between Dernier Cri and Médialab) - Manufacture 2.
Ring the intercom (on the left of the gate), at GMEM - Studios.
Once past the gate, go straight ahead and then at the end on the right (black door) with the GMEM logo above.

Contacts Team
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Permanent team

Christian Sebille

Leonor Martin

Ludivine Mouly
administration and production manager

Sophie Giraud
director of communication

Arnaud Julien
in charge of the Transmission division

Caroline Varrall
production manager

Clara Vallet
production manager

Pierre-François Brodin and Romain Rivalan
technical managers

Paul Sarraquigne
sound director

Pierre Fleurence
doctoral researcher in psychoacoustics

Complementary team

Charlotte Nicolle Defrance
information and communication officer (work-study program)

Leire Ospitaletche
production and broadcasting manager (intermittent)

Yasmine Rahal
production assistant (work-study)

Complementary team

William Didier
sound / video manager (apprentice)

Workshop All is well
Visual identity / graphic design


Board of Directors

Henry Fourès

Julie Chenot

Michaël Dian

Alban Corbier-Labasse, Pierre Beltrame, Marie-Christine Belzanti, Anne-Marie Bernard, Olivier Bernard, Muriel Garsson, Hugues Genevois, Roland Hayrabedian, Dario Mougel, Brice Montagnoux, Yann Robin, Joël Versavaud, Gerd Van Looy, Emmanuelle Zoll
active members

Jean-Marc Montera
artist of honor