Alone on stage for electric bow, electronics, with dismembered guitar and podorythmics.

Arc is a performance revealing the intimate links between electricity and the intensity of human feelings.

Thanks to a device of electric arcs irradiating the performer and the scenic space, the stage is transformed into an organic and living object, highlighting the electrification of our lives, both on a technological and emotional level.
Through this link between electric current and emotions, Arc explores one of the paradoxes of our contemporary societies: the individual need to live more and more intensely in the face of a hysterization of society producing the collapse of this same intensity.
From this paradox, Arc creates a vortex in permanent tension that has to change form in order not to collapse and lose its intensity. Within this vortex, time is twisted, curved, densified, relaxed and compressed under the perception of the spectator.

The electric arc, a sound and visual phenomenon
The so-called 'electric arc' is a phenomenon during which the electric current, passing from one point to another in the air, becomes visible. This phenomenon covers the electric spark as well as the lightning.
Julien Desprez creates, in collaboration with Nicolas Canot, instruments whose base is an electric arc. The sound and the light are generated directly by the electricity itself. One of the modules is exploitable in a percussive form, the other in a polyphonic form.

The other sound components
Voice, tap dance, electric guitar, electronics, podorythmics dialogue with the arcs to give them a new dynamic. This heterogeneous ensemble moves through several aesthetic territories.
From the softest pop to the most violent noise, the music is built like an electric arc moving in the air. Always looking for a way to sustain its intensity.

Julien Desprez
Sound and visual performance
Tue. September 19, 2023 | 7:00 pm Friche la Belle de Mai (Petit Plateau)

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Julien Desprez
performance, composition and direction

Nicolas Canot
design of the electric arcs, sound system and control room

Géraldine Foucault
external ear

Ana Rita Teodoro
external view, costume design

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