Ondes is a concert-confidence about sound, electroacoustic music and "free" music.

Alone on stage, Thierry Balasse shares his experiments with sound, reminding us through acoustic, analog and digital sound manipulation that music is first and foremost the art of playing with sound.

Sounds produced by a variety of sources... A phonograph, analog synthesizers, resonant bowls, a bass guitar, percussion and perhaps a hen's ass to make chocolate mousse. A journey through a variety of timbres to take the time to listen.

All this on a small orchestra of loudspeakers.

"There' s never been a phonograph in our house. Nor at my grandparents'. I heard a phonograph very late in life. I remember the shock I got. When you think about it, this mechanically stored sound, it's like magic... A vibration in the air, transformed into a mechanical vibration, transformed into an oscillating engraving..."

This is how this concert-confidence on sound, on electroacoustic music, on free music starts.

Thierry Balasse
Tue. October 17, 2023 | 19h00 Friche la Belle de Mai (Petit Plateau)


Unique 6€
Modulations loyalty card 30€*
Limited number of seats
*Gives access to all Modulations in the season 23-24

Online: gmem-cncm.mapado.com
By e-mail: billetterie@gmem.org
On site: on the day of the performance, half an hour before the show, subject to availability.

What are the Modulations?
Concerts, performances, regular events...
In other words, a season organized by the GMEM.
1st semester dates:
19/09 - 17/10 - 21/11 - 03/12 - 19/12
2nd semester dates :
01/16 - 02/20 - 03/03 - 19/03 - 04/16 - 05/12


Thierry Balasse
sound director, composer, improviser and sound engineer

Jacky Jarry
creation and lighting

Amélie Polachowska or Julien Reboux
sound engineering

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