After Claude Debussy

Claudine Simon and Christian Sebille both have a relationship with musical writing, even if their training and career paths are different. Claudine Simon, diverting the instrument she has always played, questions her intimate relationship with the piano. As for Christian Sebille, seeking to rediscover the pleasure of immediate instrumental play, he develops a controlled electronic lutherie.

The exploration of the timbres inside the piano constitutes the sound material of the transformations operated by the electronics. The improvisation is built through the dialogue between the two musicians thanks to the coming and going of sounds and musical proposals.

Then emerge reminiscences, evanescent ghosts between the materials and the sound features coming from three preludes of Claude Debussy. These quotations constitute the axes of perspective of the walk. The landscape changes and metamorphoses between the thickness of the sounds, the memories that form our memory and the discovery of a never seen panorama. We wait for the next angle and the surprise of another perspective.

We could simply embark on a few Debussy preludes.
Why not say that we will make a simple painting of Monet.
What does "simply" have to do with it?
One could hear some echoes of these preludes.
"Paint, always paint, until the canvas bursts. My eyes need your color and my heart is happy" wrote Clemenceau to Monet.
What would we come for tonight?
We would get lost on the way, because that's what music and painting are for.
To lose the thread, to lose the north, and to look at the sky, as far as the eye can see.
What is this adventure?
We are carried away by Claudine Simon who loves the piano so much that she exposes its heart.
When will we be able to taste the entrails of the piano?
We left in another world, with the key of Debussy
Gone in gravitation in the electronics of Christian Sebille.
What milky way is hidden under the steps of our nights?
So we are somewhere but we don't know where.
Unheard of wonder to simply be there.
What is simply being there?

- Emmanuel Rondeau

In the press
Claudine Simon, Christian Sebille

Claudine Simon
prepared piano

Christian Sebille
real-time electronics

On tour

EN 2024
Fri. March 29 - Le M![lieu], Sault (84)

EN 2023
Thu. November 30 - As part of the festival Les Instants Fertiles, Athénor, scène nomade de diffusion et de création de Saint-Nazaire (44)

EN 2022
May 9 - Live concert as part of the program Carrefour de la Création on France Musique, Paris (75)
September 16th - Bel-Air Clavier Festival, Malraux scène nationale, Chambéry (73)

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