Creation residency

Anatomia is a sound and visual performance that brings together two performers on stage, a pianist and a visual artist.
This project aims to be a new look at the piano. 

The performance begins like a recital with the interpretation of Funérailles by Franz Liszt. Then in a slow drift, the work undergoes alterations. The microphonic sensors placed inside the instrument reveal asperities and amplify, focus and magnify the details of the sound. A breach opens towards the world of "sound" in a concrete exploration of the instrument. The original work is undone, perception is sharpened, listening changes its nature to get closer to the sound source.

The instrument also disintegrates, its body is opened, dissected, rearranged and then exposed in the space. The noisy sounds of destruction: shock, grinding, rubbing ... are valued, musicalized and can be read as an attempt at language.

Finally, the addition of new organs grafted on his suspended body comes to excite the instrument, to return it to life. It is then a question of marrying this new body, its eviscerated belly, of dissolving into the instrument playing alone. The public can enter, wander in this scenographic and vibratory space.

"Thus would be produced in the body to body musician, inventions of improbable bodies and still without figure nor destination... Weft or traces of organs still inorganized - neither dead, nor alive - which are membranous, dismembered, pressed together, packed, growing, branching..." - Peter Szendy, Phantom Members

Claudine Simon
Thurs. 8 -- Sun. 18 December 2022

Claudine Simon
conception, creation, performance

Rudy Decelière
scenography, performance

Laurent Sassi
sound design

Pau Simon
look space

Thomas Garcin
piano maker

Guilaine Rigolet

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