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GMEM teams
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Permanent team

Christian Sebille

Leonor Martin

Marie Dalbouse
administrative manager

Sophie Giraud
director of communication

Charlotte Nicolle Defrance
in charge of communications

Maurin Bonnet
in charge of the Production - Transmission division

Obiwan Pourprix
production manager

Clara Vallet
production manager 

Pierre-François Brodin and Romain Rivalan
technical managers

Tito Loria
sound director

Complementary team

Leire Ospitaletche
production and broadcasting manager (intermittent)

Soraya Cagniard
production manager (CDD)

Lucile Ranger
Administrative Officer (in place)

Inès Ounadi
production assistant

Complementary team

Loli Dubus  
sound / video manager (apprentice)

Workshop All is well
visual identity / graphic design

website development

Board of Directors

Henry Fourès

Julie Chenot

Michaël Dian

Emmanuelle Zoll

Alban Corbier-Labasse, Marie-Christine Belzanti, Anne-Marie Bernard, Olivier Bernard, Muriel Garsson, Dario Mougel, Yann Robin, Joël Versavaud, Gerd Van Looy
active members

Jean-Marc Montera
honorary member

Christian Sebille
Director of the GMEM and composer

Appointed since 2011 as director of the GMEM - Centre national de création musicale de Marseille, Christian Sebille is both a director of the structure and a composer.

In 1983, Christian Sebille began studying electroacoustic music with Jean Schwartz and Philippe Prévost (Ircam), and then in 1987 mixed music with Luc Ferrari at the Muse en Circuit. In 1993, he founded Césaré in Reims, which became a National Center for Musical Creation in 2006, promoting research on diversity and on new forms of (re)presentation of musical creation.

Christian Sebille's catalog includes more than sixty vocal, instrumental, electroacoustic and mixed works, including a chamber opera(L'alleluiah - Georges Bataille - State commission), numerous pieces dedicated to theater or choreography (Jean Deloche, Nadège Mac Leay, Emmanuelle Huynh...) as well as a commission from the Limoge Opera for orchestra, choir, three percussion instruments, electric guitar and three voices. From 1999 to the present, he has created a large cycle of musical installations (series entitled Miniatures), the eleventh of which, commissioned by the City of Dijon, is particularly ambitious, as is the thirteenth, conceived for the Château d'If in Marseille.

His research is essentially directed towards the notion of space and movement. He enjoys mixing and confronting other artistic disciplines, as well as new forms of (re)presentation of contemporary music at the borders of concert, installation, cinema and performance. 

He collaborates with many artists from other artistic disciplines, notably with Francisco Ruiz De Infante (video artist). Christian Sebille develops a computerized lutherie which allows him to invest in the field of improvisation in France as well as abroad (Alex Grillo, Didier Petit, Sylvain Kassap, Pablo Cueco, Philippe Foch, Matt Bourne, Chris Sharkey, Christophe de Bezanac...).

Ensemble C Barré
Instrumental ensemble associated with GMEM

C Barré, an instrumental ensemble under the artistic and musical direction of Sébastien Boin, is the result of a meeting between 12 musicians. This singular group, currently associated with the GMEM - Centre national de création musicale, is made up of rich, passionate personalities deeply invested in the creation and dissemination of contemporary repertoire.

The predominance of plucked strings, as well as instruments whose use was only exceptional until recently, gives the ensemble a distinct personality within today's musical landscape. Based in Marseille, which is both the first port and the oldest city in France, it is easy to notice C Barré's regular attachment to the composers of the Mediterranean basin.

Wishing to share its taste for creation with an ever-widening public, C Barré undertakes numerous awareness-raising and transmission actions. In this sense, the ensemble devotes part of its work to the training of young audiences, essential to the development of contemporary music. Among these, the Ensemble is launching in 2021 its travelling project Palimpseste for which it carries out musical walks in rural or urban areas, the result of real surveys carried out in each territory, at the end of which the inhabitants and the musicians of C Barré meet on stage for participative creations.

C Barré produced a first monographic recording dedicated to composer Frédéric Pattar, released in 2020 by empreinte digitale. A second monographic recording dedicated to the young Basque-Spanish composer Mikel Urquiza, with the participation of the Neue Vocalsolisten, was released in February 2023 by the same label, on the occasion of the Présences 2023 festival.

For the 2023-2024 season, C Barré is preparing with the Neue Vocalsolisten of Stuttgart the creation of a large-scale work by the composer Francesca Verunelli. This new project, entitled Songs and Voices, will be performed at the Venice Biennale, and will be heard at the Eclat festival in Stuttgart, at the GRAME Biennale des Musiques Exploratoires, at the GMEM Propagations festival and at the Ircam ManiFeste festival.

The GMEM and the ensemble C Barré have joined forces to pool their human and technical resources. The objective is to :

- to promote the presence of creative music in Marseille, the Bouches-du-Rhône department and the southern region of Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
- to facilitate regional, national and international networking - to deploy common resources for productions

Beyond that, the two parties agree on a common will to join forces in a broader spirit of cooperation in order to meet their common missions towards musical creation, reception and training of the public.

C Barré, ensemble associated with GMEM - Centre national de la création musicale, partner of the CFMI of Aix-Marseille University. The ensemble is subsidized by the Ministère de la Culture DRAC-PACA, the Conseil Régional Sud - PACA, the Département des Bouches-du-Rhône and the Ville de Marseille, and receives support from SACEM, CNM - Centre National de la Musique, ADAMI, MMC - Maison de la Musique Contemporaine, Institut Français, Impuls Neue Musik, Fondation Ernst Von Siemes, Politique de la Ville, label des Cités éducatives, Fondation Logirem and BNP Paribas. Member of FEVIS, PROFEDIM, Futurs Composés and Temp'óra.
Fondation d'entreprise Société Générale C'est vous l'avenir and Fondation Orange are the main sponsors of Ensemble C Barré.

The musicians

Joël Versavaud

Annelise Clément

Matthias Champon

Natalia Korsak

Claudio Bettinelli

Élodie Soulard

Rémy Reber

Eva Debonne

Marine Rodallec

Charlotte Testu
double bass

Cyril Dupuy

Antoine Alerini

The Chief

Sébastien Boin
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