Staging and set design residency.

Still practiced in the southern Massif Central, transhumance on foot is surrounded by a whole range of customs and know-how, contributing to the development of singular and unifying sound and visual landscapes.

Perhaps one of the most distinctive features of these transhumances is the acoustic clamour caused by the use of bells and rattles placed around the necks of the animals by their herders. Questioning the paramusical function of these objects, and the basis of their selection criteria (technical, acoustic, interpretative), reveals a degree of involvement on the part of breeders, shepherds and their bellringers in sound research that could be likened to the process of musical composition.

True "makers of landscapes", composers and performers roam the land, dressing it in their movement, their tinkling, their cries, their calls, which will take on a particular resonance as they cross: they thus shape a common listening culture, through their close association in the art of walking, interpreting and deploying the score in a spatialization where the environments bring an acoustic singularity to the composition.

Following on from the Faiseurs de Paysages research and collection cycle supported by the Occitanie Region's Aide au PCI in 2021-22, which focused on sound phenomena linked to transhumant pastoralism in the southern Massif Central, Beau Bruit is intended to present to the general public the initial results of the ethnographic survey conducted by Iris and around the following premise: Can we consider the orchestration of these ensconced herds as sound compositions resulting from research, whose interpretation is carried out by animals in a constantly evolving time and space? If so, what are the modalities of its implementation, and what does it tell us about the sound footprint of communities?  

Beau Bruit
Iris Kaufmann
Mon. June 24 + Tue. 25, 2024

Iris Kaufmann
artist, ethnologist

Jean François Vrod
external view, direction and set design

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