Trialogues is an interdisciplinary musical performance featuring the contemporary flute in a variety of forms.
In 45 minutes, the audience is immersed in a bath of sounds from different sources, where letting go is the only escape for a total experience.
From this bath, several contrasting scenes will emerge: from microtonal to pure rhythmic, from interpretation to improvisation. The blend of sound installation, instrumental concert and video projection lends Trialogues an experimental and innovative avant-garde character.

The Le Bateau Ivre quintet has decided to engage in interdisciplinary contemporary creation in keeping with the very essence of its artistic approach. Driven by a deep-seated desire to defend today's music and give greater visibility to young creators, composers and other artistic disciplines, the quintet seeks to push back the boundaries of artistic expression. 

Aware of contemporary societal issues, the group places great importance on aesthetic and cultural diversity, as well as parity, in its choice of partners. With this in mind, the Le Bateau Ivre quintet is developing collaborative projects such as Rêve en boite, the cabaret automate, in collaboration with a director and a set designer. The Trialogues project thus resonates with the artistic and cultural ambitions of the ensemble, proposing an original creation combining contemporary creation, multidisciplinarity and spatialization. 

This approach reflects the Le Bateau Ivre quintet's commitment to creating innovative artistic experiences, rooted in their time and open to the diversity of contemporary artistic expression. 

Quintette Le Bateau Ivre
Mon. 1 -- Fri. July 5, 2024

Le Bateau Ivre
composed of
Samuel Casale
Luciano Leite Barbosa
Rémi Georges
computer music production

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