"Marie Ythier is nothing short of impressive in this demanding, multi-faceted performance that engages virtuosity of play, variety of color and authority of gesture [...]" Michèle Tosi, Resmusica 

Marie Ythier is a classical musician committed to working with composers of her generation, and has already made five recordings. Winner of numerous national and international prizes, she performs as a soloist throughout the world.

Especially for this concert, Marie Ythier has created a program based on the language...

"I built this program around language. Indeed, Georges Aperghis' recitations are clearly influenced by his work on the voice, as their title indicates.

The piece by Chinese composer Shuhan Hu, commissioned by Radio France, is based on a Chinese poem by Youyou Yu. I premiered this piece in February 2022 at Radio France's Présences festival. 

Gone In No Time, by Greek composer Myrto Nizami, is the youngest piece on this program, as I premiered it only a few months ago, in September 2022, at the Festival de Royaumont. Inspired by Beckett's language, she vainly intones phrases that deliberately struggle to come to fruition.

La Naissance des mots, by Catalan composer Nuria Gimenez-Comas, is for solo cello and electronics. It takes us back to the beginnings of language, to throat clears, grunts and articulated consonants. This octophonic piece spatializes sound.

Finally, the "little newcomer" in this program is Matteo Gualandi's Fotagrafie rarissime di angeli. Written for me in 2023, it was commissioned by the Fondation Royaumont and premiered during the 2023 festival."
Marie Ythier

The birth of words
Marie Ythier
Tue. March 19, 2024 | 7:00 pm Friche la Belle de Mai (Petit Plateau)


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Marie Ythier


Nuria Gimenez-Comas
The birth of words
for solo cello and electronics - 8 min

Georges Aperghis
Recitation n° 2 - 5 min

Shuhan Hu
Les fleurs de pêchers s'épanouissent à travers les fissures des os
for solo cello - 11 min

Myrto Nizami
GoneIn No Time
for solo cello - 9 min

Georges Aperghis
Recitation n° 1 - 5 min

Matteo Gualandi
Fotografie rarissime di angeli

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