As part of the Aujourd'hui Les Musiques Festival, Chaillol (05)

After a three-year residency in the Hautes-Alpes, Christian Sebille presents Le chant des cimes, the fruit of a meticulous collection of sounds from this mountainous region. An ice hockey match, a stroll punctuated by the voice of Hervé Cortot, birdsong, the tinkling of chimes and bells... guided the composer's journey through the valleys of Champsaur and Valgaudemar.

Like the romantic musicians, but armed with his computerized lutherie, the composer celebrates the living, inhabited mountain through an immersive sound fresco. He virtuosically paints a symphony that brings to life the landscape, the murmurs of rivers and the echoes of valleys, plunging the audience into the heart of an unprecedented poetic journey.

The audience is invited to take its place at the heart of a loudspeaker orchestra (acousmonium). Gradually, the first sounds emerge and unfold in space, subtle and unheard-of. A space of sound opens up and develops, a fiction of enveloping sounds. Listening without seeing: this is the suggestion of acousmatics, the intuition of Pierre Schaeffer, its illustrious discoverer.
The song of the peaks
Christian Sebille
Alpine electroacoustic poem
Fri. July 21, 2023 | 9:00 pm Church of the hamlet of St-Michel (05)

Support 20€
Full 12€
Reduced 8€
Access 5€
-12 years 0€


Christian Sebille

Tito Loria
acoustic diffusion

Vivien Trelcat
computer development and artistic consulting

With the participation of the musicians
Jean-François Vrod, Miquèu Montanaro

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