"The voice is poly instrumental - at once a string instrument, a wind instrument, a body instrument and a language instrument - it has this specificity that makes it an instrument and a material with unprecedented possibilities.

This laboratory is open to all, throughout the year, from the beginner to the most experienced. People with different backgrounds and sensitivities participate, coming from France and Europe, a beautiful energy, open and concentrated, circulates. 

The monthly vocal laboratory proposed by Natacha Muslera, encourages to free oneself, to emancipate oneself vocally. It is a time and a space for intense vocal learning, sharing of tools and techniques, experimental practice and multiple exploration: art of breathing, free and polyphonic improvisation, creation and composition in situ, sensitive and commented listening, care. 

Natacha, through collective listening and storytelling, weaves links through the history of improvised, experimental, oral and contemporary music, sacred and pagan songs, and poetry, to flesh out and nourish the research of each individual. She brings to the surface a more minority history of pioneering female musicians and discoverers. 

From this vocal laboratory, a modular vocal ensemble Voix multiphonique is created, concerts in situ, outdoors are activated, within different sound ecosystems. Natacha Muslera arranges times of creation within the weekend. 

The vocal laboratory takes place one weekend a month, from 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm, at the GMEM in La Friche Belle de Mai.
This laboratory is designed and run over two days, so it is strongly recommended that you take part over the whole weekend.
A participation fee is required, so please contact the Off-cells association. 

You can come for the first time and you will feel by yourself the necessity or not to participate each month. It's better of course, but it remains completely open. 

" From a free and collective vocal practice as a power of emancipation and repair

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Vocal Laboratory
Natacha Muslera
Sat. 9 + Sun. 10 September 2023 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Sat. 28 + Sun. 29 October 2023 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Sat. 11 + Sun. 12 November 2023 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Sat. 16 + Sun. 17 December 2023 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Sat. 6 + Sun. 7 January 2024 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Sat. 17 + Sun. 18 February 2024 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Sat. 2 + Sun. 3 March 2024 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Sat. 6 + Sun. 7 April 2024 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Sat. 8 + Sun. 9 June 2024 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)

One weekend per month, from 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Number of participants is limited


Natacha Muslera
vocalist, performer, sound artist and visual artist

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