Research and creation residency

Rosa, the voice of a people, is a sound portrait in the form of a "staged Hörspiel", paying homage to Rosa Balistreri (1927-1990), a woman and folk artist who sang of the life of her land, Sicily, and whose voice carried an ancestral culture: "her song was the beauty of an ancient tradition, the voice of a people...". Paolo Emilio Carapezza, musicologist.

The New Folk ensemble, with singer and performer Serena Ganci, aims to create a living, contemporary music based on traditional roots. Through the analysis of folk songs and melodies, New Folk identifies with this vocal matrix as a cultural identity.

The sound material of the Hörspiel:
The sound of places - ("Field Recording")
The voice of people - (Radio interviews, sidewalk microphones)
Research and elaboration of audiovisual material - (Archives)
Writing, arrangement and interpretation

The project will be carried out from three angles:
1. Research and fieldwork
2. Experimentation and deconstruction of the traditional musical structure
3. Synthesis, creation of a new musical form and its staging.

"Rosa", the voice of a people
Nicolo Terrasi / New Folk
Mon. 10 -- Fri. June 14, 2024 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)
Mon. Sept. 9 -- Fri. 13, 2024 GMEM (Friche la Belle de Mai)

Nicolo Terrasi
guitars, compositions, electroacoustic device

Serena Ganci
voice, recitation, analog synthesizer

Salvatore Meccio
voice, recitation, battente guitar, frame drums

Laurent Charles
soprano and tenor saxophone

Bastien Boni
double bass, electronics

Geno Lechner
recorded voice, image production

Marie Lelardoux
recorded voice, outside "sound" look

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