The GMEM, founded in 1972 in Marseille by a group of composers including Georges Boeuf, Michel Redolfi, Lucien Bertolina and Marcel Frémiot, was awarded the label of national center for musical creation (CNCM) in 1997. Its missions are defined in the specifications of the Ministry of Culture and are based on the production of musical creation, distribution, transmission and research.

Directed since 2011 by Christian Sebille, the GMEM accompanies artistic teams, notably during residencies, produces shows in the field of musical creation, and conducts numerous educational, teaching and training activities. 

Its activities are shared during regular presentations to the public (concerts, installations, meetings, residency outings...).
The festivals ''Les Musiques'' (33 editions) and ''Reevox'' (6 editions) have been privileged moments for these exchanges.
PropagationsPropagations'', a festival of sound art and musical creation has taken over from ''Les Musiques'' since 2021 and takes place over ten days during the month of May.

In addition to this highlight, the GMEM offers regular meetings with the public throughout the year. The ModulationsThe Modulations, the residency outings and the conferences constitute a season of privileged moments of sharing between the artists and the public. These exchanges aim to transform the modes of representation of musical and sound creation and develop new modes of transmission between the artists, the works and the public.

The GMEM supports the writing of new works and accompanies their production. Residencies for composers, artists and technical teams provide the skills and tools necessary to support projects. Within the center, the artists find places for composition and rehearsal (studios and workrooms), but also artistic, administrative, technical, technological and logistical skills.

Opening the doors to new languages, research participates in the invention of tools and devices. It is transversal and crosses artistic fields, technological and digital development, and creates a fundamental link between artistic teams and laboratories.

The GMEM is concerned with responding to a wide range of aesthetics, from mixed, electroacoustic, electronic, instrumental and vocal music, whether written or improvised. The center develops multidisciplinary projects related to digital, plastic and visual arts, dance and theater.

Since 2016, GRIM and Jean-Marc Montera have joined GMEM in a process of fusion, bringing an opening to experimental and improvised music through a long experience in these aesthetics.

In 2017, the GMEM moved to the Friche la Belle de Mai and integrates new exceptional premises, designed by the architect Matthieu Poitevin (Caractère Spécial). The Module, within the Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif, opens up new prospects for development.

The GMEM is concerned with existing at the local level through a daily commitment. Nevertheless, it radiates in France and abroad thanks to the quality of its productions and the ambition of its artistic projects.

As part of Marseille's urban cultural policy, the GMEM is a musical production tool concerned with artistic innovation, societal issues and sharing with the public.

The national centers for musical creation (CNCM) work to renew musical forms and languages. They support the writing and conception of new works. They also carry out research, with the aim of experimenting and developing new tools and approaches to musical creation. Each year, the CNCMs welcome around a hundred composers, performers and artists from a wide range of disciplines to take part in a creative project. They provide them with recording and editing studios, equipment and high-level technical and musical assistance. By organizing festivals, as well as co-producing with venues, CNCMs help to disseminate works nationally and internationally.