Didier Allard

After studying piano and graphic arts in Paris, she continued her studies at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts de Marseille, which she completed in 2008. She participated the same year in the Salon des Jeunes Plasticiens (La Garde, Var) and received the Prix Passerelle (jury of Elstir) and the Prix Artimômes (jury of children, Les Francas), allowing her to produce her first solo exhibition at the G gallery, La ménagerie silencieuse. She continued her studies in the electroacoustic composition class at the Pierre Barbizet Conservatory, and obtained her diploma unanimously in 2015. Her music, winner of the 2nd Luigi Russolo prize and of the Banc d'Essai (GRM), SIME and Petites Formes competitions, has been presented in various festivals in France and abroad (INA-GRM, Festivals Futura, Reevox, Les Musiques, Sime, Kontakte, Heroines of Sound, Serial, EVIMUS, Sonorities, Acusmatica Contemporanea... )

Since 2007, Loïse Bulot has also been offering artistic workshops to children of all ages as well as adults (training and workshops), working in schools, social centers, libraries, theaters...

Alternating her visual and musical practices, she is currently working on various performance projects and live shows with musician and composer Nicolò Terrasi and the Cie Risonanze, including Mostrarium (2015), commissioned by the GMEM in Marseille and co-produced by the Massalia theater, currently on tour.

Loïse Bulot
Musical artist

Visual artist and composer, Loïse Bulot builds a dreamlike universe through drawings, composition, live performances and participative workshops. Exploring the tenuous sound phenomena, the microcosmic worlds, the unspeakable in her musical practice, she also develops her projects around phantasmagoria, tales, light and darkness in light installations and drawn and projected performances.

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