As part of the Phonurgia Nova Awards 2023

Purpose of residency: creation, recording, research

La ville intérieure is a sound fiction based on a literary short story from the collection Dormir sans tête by Montreal author David Clerson. The project features characters wandering the corridors of a mysterious underground city with multiple acoustic properties. The residency at GMEM is a phase of research and technical exploration in sound immersion.

"While most of the rooms in this underground city are empty, there is furniture in some of them - evidence of a more or less recent occupation - and one of them, in the eighth basement (was it the ninth?), contains a bathtub, which I found full. The water was warm, almost hot, and I plunged in. Farther on, I could hear a drop falling, and elsewhere, a discreet, almost inaudible creaking. With my eyes closed, I put my head under the water. Only my lips and nose emerged. I breathed in slowly, while all around me stretched the city, whose pieces I imagined repeating endlessly, and whose heart I believed I was. When I got out of the bath I dried myself with my T-shirt, as if it had been a towel, and walked outside." - excerpt from The Inner City, David Clerson

The inner city
Jenny Cartwright, David Cherniak
Tue. 21 -- Fri. 24 May 2024
Mon. June 3 -- Fri. 7, 2024

Jenny Cartwright
David Cherniak


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