Residency as part of Dispersion: a call for applications for an artistic support program offered by Bi:Pole, GMEM and AMI.

Dispersion was born of a shared desire on the part of AMI, GMEM and Bi:Pole to combine the production tools and know-how of the various structures to design a hybrid cooperation framework destined to evolve constantly.
Two creative residencies in 2024, at GMEM and A.M.I., will explore the hybridization of musical aesthetics, audiences, listening venues (indoor/outdoor, stages, clubs, festivals, etc.) and technologies/techniques (spatialization, video, etc.).

The winner of this call for entries is KABAAL...


KABAAL ("racket" in Dutch) is the solo project of drummer Jakob Warmenbol, originally from Belgium and based in Marseille since 2021.

Mixing acoustic drums with samples, triggered by various elements of the drum kit, his research evolved considerably during a residency at A.M.I. in Marseille in early 2022. His long experience as an improviser on the jazz and improvised music scenes enables him to play with samples, reinventing music at every concert that navigates between tribal free jazz and post-club, mixing noise and intoxicating rhythms.

Residencies at the A.M.I. studios and the GMEM Module will be devoted to immersive work on sound spatialization and image synchronization. They will be punctuated by expert interventions to accompany the artist from creation to stage realization.

Jakob Warmenbol's Dispersion* project
Mon. 4 -- Fri. March 8, 2024

Jakob Warmenbol

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