Musical assistant within the Césaré team from 2003 to 2010, he worked mainly with Christian Sebille as well as with composers such as Jean Christophe Feldhandler, Patrick Marcland, Jean Luc Hervé, Arnaud Petit, Patricia Dallio, Patrick Défossez.
In 2018, he founded the Sonopopée collective, with Maxime Lance, Nicolas Canot, Thomas Dupouy and Alexis Derouet, wishing to bring together artists as well as composers as computer and electronic developers, around the creation of new lutheries and playful pedagogy to the amateur and impeded public. Residing at the ESAD incubator in Reims, the collective also joins the teaching team of the school, taking charge of the sound creation courses. The members of Sonopopée participate in Fixin by Sylvain Darrifourcq, Liber by Maguelone Vidal, Jacqueline by Olivier Martin-Salvan and Philippe Foch, the FKBass project by Floy Krouchi...
In his electroacoustic compositions, he makes a large place for accident, artifact, and chance, keeping a direct relationship with gestures and the body. Concerned by the transversality between the arts, he seeks to confront his music with dance and plastic installations.

Vivien Trelcat
Composer and performer

Vivien Trelcat is a composer and performer. In an immediate relationship with the musical machines of the 80s and 90s and guitars, he devoted his childhood to the empirical exploration of electric and electronic sounds. He studied music and electroacoustic composition at the UFR of Musicology of Reims with Jean Luc Hervé and Jean Marc Chouvel, then at the workshop of creation of Césaré with Christian Sebille before finishing his training at the IRCAM.

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