For this residency the team is gathered for a stage of sound research and musical creation around plants.

État végétal is an inter-species choreographic duet that evolves within a bio-installation.

It is a hybrid project at the crossroads of choreography, bio-art and experimental music. It wishes to reveal the process of communication between living beings, human and non-human.
This creation experiments with the interconnection between the sound of plants and the dancing human body. We want to share the experience of an encounter with these beings through choreographic gesture, supported by new technologies.
In resonance with the ecological and societal issues of tomorrow's world,État Végétal explores a new sensitive language between humans and plants. It seeks to understand the response of a living organism to stimuli, to learn its codes and reactions, to know how to anticipate and reproduce them, and to engage in a danced, choreographed discussion with the living.
By means of new experiments, we aim not only at sound synthesis via danced movement, but above all at the interaction between the two.
This show wishes to build an imaginary universe that explodes the old paradigms of an apathetic plant life and confronts us with the overflowing strength of this living world.État Végétal is an invitation to dream of a new world, where living beings would be liberated from a forced anthropocentrism, where each species, in its singularity, could live in symbiosis; a world where the fundamental momentum of life would be respected and shared.

Yasminee Lepe
Fri. 6 -- Tue. 17 October 2023

Yasminee Lepe
design, choreography and performance

Maxime Mantovani

Vincent Isnard
director of computer music and sound

Daniel Bagnara
scenic devices and costumes

Aurélien Richard
musical dramaturgy

Jonathan Pranlas-Decours
external view

Agathe Torres
production and distribution

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