Students from the Iberia and Ekhos quartets, coached by their mentors from the Tana Quartet, perform works by contemporary composers.
On stage, strings and strings... with 6 violinists, 3 violists and 3 cellists.

On the program : 

A work for string quartet by mentor composer Henry Fourès, French, born in 1948.
From music for image, dance and stage, to radio and hörspiel, to interactive installations, Fourès' work is open to other arts, touching on a wide range of fields.  

A work for string quartet by composer De Bun-Ching Lam, born in China in 1954. Hailed as "seductively exotic" (New York Times), Bun-Ching Lam's music defies cultural boundaries and confounds categorization. She combines her Chinese sensibility with contemporary Western compositional techniques to create a highly personal and haunting musical voice.

A work for octet, an ensemble of eight string instruments, by composer Maria Vincenza Cabizza, born in Italy in 1991. She discovered music at the age of four, playing the violin. She gradually realized that she perceived music differently from other people: she visualized it. Synesthesia (the material representation of music) enables her to see timbres and sounds as aerial sculptures, which led her to give up the violin and turn to composition.

A work for octet by composer Kostas Zisimopoulos, born in Athens in 1994.
His music is mainly centered on the ideas of deviation, instability, interruption and interference. He is interested in researching different levels of time and the perception of time, taking into consideration phenomena such as form, micro-material and sonority.

Student quartet recital
ARCo 2023
Sat. July 15, 2023 | 2:00 pm Friche la Belle de Mai (Petit Plateau)

Free admission (subject to availability)



Quatuor Iberia

Marta Peño
Luis Rodriguez
Aurora Rus

Arnold Rodriguez cello

Quatuor Ekhos

Alice Mannu
Salomé Ozanne
Alex Bazire
Leïla Laugier


Henry Fourès
La méditation du scorpion
for string quartet

Bun-Ching Lam
Ainsi le vent
for string quartet

Maria Vincenza Cabizza
A706 Kilometri di distanza
for string octet

Kostas Zisimopoulos
for string octet
(co-commission ARCo 2023 and Casa del Quartetto)

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