From 2018 to 2020, Christian Sebille, composer and sound artist, was invited in residence by Cirva - International Research Center for Glass and Plastic Arts. After researching forms and their acoustic signatures, the composer developed a project for a glass orchestra and an immersive sound installation. In this research, glass is both an object and a membrane of acoustic diffusion. Each blown form, by definition unique, releases a singular sound wave, looped, transformed and propagated by glass speakers. 

"We are in an enclosed space where the glass pieces, awakened by slave mechanisms, propagate their sound identity. The lights sweep the space. Nothing seems fixed. Ten tables present unique pieces, inert, until the action of the striker. The breath of the glass artists is extended by the sound. The material goes from solid to vibrating, from frozen breath to its resounding expansion. The sounds propagate in the space, mix between their zones of propagation. The movements of the resonances require the immobility of the listener and his observation. You are in a decided place of your listening, in a place of the orchestra, close to what is strong, away from the distant.

For this particular performance, Philippe Foch uses his gestural dexterity and his sensuality to extract new sounds, while Christian Sebille takes hold of the sound material to transform it in real time and restore it.
The public attends an unheard-of journey that will lead it to an absence of the human, an awakened and autonomous mechanism.

- Christian Sebille.

Propagation Landscape #1.2 "Matrix / Performance
Performative installation
Fri. 8 -- Sat. 23 September 2023 CEEAC - European Center for Contemporary Artistic Action (67)

Christian Sebille
conception and composition

Philippe Foch

Collectif Sonopopée
composed of
Maxime Lance
Vivien Trelcat
Nicolas Canot
mechanical and digital generative device 

Cirva team
production and realization of glass 

Matthieu Girard
wood and metal construction 

Damien Ripoll
general management 

Benoît Fremaux
general and stage management

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