What are "ExtraMods"?
Concerts, performances, residency outings... events scheduled outside the "Modulations" season.
Unexpected programming, with no particular frequency, to be announced by surprise.

ExtraMod #1
"Ōtomo Yoshihide is to turntablists what Platini is to Juventus. A perfectly striped zebra who scores in the top corner. A great adventurer on the Japanese scene, founder of the mythical Ground Zero, Yoshihide is above all a master piece on the chessboard of world noise music, at ease in electronic litany as in the companionship of US pop or trenchant improvisation. Her hyper-inventive music clumsily stacks each layer of material on top of the others. The music of Emilie Škrijelj and Tom Malmendier, when they play together, for example in Les Marquises, is full of dreamy islands, veins and textures, sequences and joyful contradictions. Emilie Škrijelj is also a platinum player, with a tendency to volley. Tom Malmendier is a drummer whose energy is made to be spent. Generously. So much for the Caisse d'Ep' squirrel's nuts.

Drummer and two turntables, that's the line-up of this trio. Strong in theme and interplay. It's like a DJ set for contemporary record players, with a free-flowing, hand-crafted noise and impressive dexterity. In the expenditure as in the sonic debauchery. So much for the future. This music is played in the present. Deep. In its white noise as in its perspectives. In its capacity for invention and in its stubbornness to wield humor like others wield a stick. To get things done. Towards their music and its concrete, electronic, striking, evocative, radical and furiously imagined abstractions." - Guillaume Malvoisin(PointBreak)

Ōtomo Yoshihide, Émilie Škrijelj, Tom Malmendier
Mon. March 25, 2024 | 7:00 pm Friche la Belle de Mai (Grand Plateau)

6€ one-off
Limited number of seats

Online: gmem-cncm.mapado.com
By e-mail: billetterie@gmem.org
On site: on the day of the performance, half an hour before the show, subject to availability.

What is the "ExtraMod"?
Concerts, performances, residency outings... events programmed outside the "Modulations" season.
Unexpected programming, with no particular frequency, which will be announced by surprise.

Latecomers will not be admitted to the hall, as some shows - at the request of the Producer - do not tolerate late entry.


turntables, guitar

Émilie Škrijelj
platinum, electronics

Tom Malmendier
drums, objects

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