Electro-Aimant was born of an unlikely encounter between a musician committed to the renewal of traditional music and a composer who develops his practice through improvisation, with computerized lutherie. Oral tradition, the practice of improvisation, electroacoustic music and real-time transformation come together to invent, in the time of the concert, a language built between tradition and novelty, history and immediacy. 

Christian Sebille and Miquèu Montanaro push the limits of the galoubets-tambourins, in a ceaseless interplay between the raw material of sound and its transformation. Deconstruction and reconstruction combine to create a dynamic narrative that is always surprising. The galoubet-tambourin, considered traditional and popular, is a highly technical instrument, somewhere between a flute with very precise melodies and a tambourine that performs two functions: rhythmic and drone. Christian Sebille's computers excavate this profusion of sounds to expose an unprecedented dialogue between these two radically different musical techniques. The two musicians have broken away from their usual habits to dare an unprecedented joust.
By diverting their practices and using their own lutherie, they play with their cultural contributions to extract extravagant volutes of sound and invent a new form of dialogue.

Miquèu Montanaro, Christian Sebille
International project
Fri. August 2, 2024 | 6:30 pm Narancsliget (Hungary)

Christian Sebille

Miquèu Montanaro
galoubet-tambourine flutes

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