Within the framework of the professional exhibition Babel Music XP

Part 1: showcase

Electro-hypnotic trances from the Saharan desert

At the gateway to the Tunisian desert, Azu Tiwaline delivers a sonic fresco of electronic landscapes textured with traditional Saharan instruments and novel technological devices. Somewhere between ambient, experimental dub and tribal noise, the Franco-Tunisian dj-producer reinterprets the ecstatic trances of Berber music, dub culture and techno hypnosis. She is supported by Franco-Iranian Cinna Peyghamy, expert in Persian percussion and synthetic modularities made from DIY instruments. A purely hypnotic polyrhythmic experience.

2nd part : round table

More information to come...

Azu Tiwaline, Cinna Peyghamy
Babel Music XP
Fri. March 29, 2024 | 2:00 pm Friche la Belle de Mai (le Module)

Showcase | 45 min.
+ round table


Part 1:

Azu Tiwaline
Cinna Peyghamy

composer, performer

Part 2:

Coming soon
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